We have a highly motivated team of coating specialists and installers who have years of experience in all facets of construction both domestic and industrial. Our crews are well equipped to tackle any task with the most advanced equipment in the industry. We specialise in spray foam insulation as well as the latest coating technologies for protection, waterproofness and anti viral sanitation. 

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Why Spray foam?

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF), available in open cell and closed cell, provides an effective, tight thermal and air barrier around a building’s envelope. This results in a reduction in energy loss due to air infiltration, and significantly lowers heating and cooling costs.

Energy efficiency and green building practices are at the forefront of new home/building construction and retrofit projects. SPF helps architects and builders design and build more energy efficient homes/buildings, thus allowing the building owners to reduce their energy consumption and costs.

Our Spray Foam is an ideal insulant for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

Spray polyurethane foam is one of the fastest growing building insulation products globally. Spray foam insulation can help reduce energy use in new and existing buildings. As much as 40 percent of a building’s energy is lost due to air infiltration. Our foam functions as both an insulation material and an air-sealing product. In buildings insulated with our foam, energy cost savings of up to 50 percent can be achieved.

Polyurethane is one of the most energy efficient insulation materials available in buildings and appliances. From homes to offices, polyurethane insulation can be used in roofs, walls, floors and ceiling cavities, as

well as building exterior applications, in both new and retrofit construction projects. Polyurethane insulation is also used to improve the energy efficiency of refrigerators, cold storage facilities, commercial pipelines, water heaters and more.

EMERALD Coatings


EMERALD Coatings

OUR Philosophy

As a medium-sized company our  primary goal to provide top quality service at affordable rates. We believe that when you are consistent with this approach, you will not only keep your clients happy but also grow your business steadily. We believe in honest work fairly priced and are proud of the fact that over 75% of our work comes from happy customer referrals

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When professionally installed, attic insulation is the most cost effective method of saving money on your heating bills, up to a possible 50% reduction could be achieved from a well insulation attic.
Spray foam insulation gives the advantage of sealing even the tightest of corners, and hardest to reach places for a perfect airtight fit anywhere.


Wall spray foam insulation prevents damp breezes flowing inside the internal of your walls.
The internal blocks of your home conduct heat, moving the warm air from inside your home outside.
When used to insulate walls, spray foam acts as a breathable, air tight seal inside the walls of your home.
This system is “breathable” due to the use of your own fully breathable vent card.


Insulating in between the rafters with spray foam is a very cost effective way of saving money on your home or office heating bills with cost reductions of up to 50%
If your roof is not properly insulated all of the warm air stored inside your home travels up through the rafters of your roof, causing heat loss and dampness.
The same applies to the cold air getting into your home.


Spray foam insulation is the only effective way to insulate your shed with a water tight seal.
It will also stand the test of time remaining maintenance free for the duration of the building, creating a pleasant and comfortable work or living area.
When your shed is being insulated with spray foam insulation, a layer of closed cell foam is applied to the interior walls.
This will reduce heating and cooling costs while eliminating drips and condensation, stopping drafts and leakages completely.


Insulating between the rafters of your floor shows a significant decrease in heat loss from your home.
Cold air seeps through your floor cooling the air inside your home.
Spray foam insulation stops this flow of cold air by trapping it below the rafters and keeping the heat above them.
This method is insulation is best suited to new homes or renovations and is a cost effective way to give your home an airtight seal that will last a lifetime.


The most modern method of insulating your boat is spray foam insulation.
Sheet insulation and rock wool insulation both need to be cut accurately to fit different sized boats unlike spray foam insulation where the foam fits all areas of the boat perfectly
Since spray foam insulation expands after being sprayed, you can be sure every corner and hard to reach place is well insulated with an air tight seal.
Our foam is also waterproof and prevents leaks and dampness.

EMERALD coatings

There is no maintenance required with spray foam insulation after the job has been completed properly by one of our NSAI certified spray foam insulation TEAMS.

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Here are some of the most common questions, along with the answers but please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

Yes indeed. Emerald Spray Foam have full insurance and are happy to answer your specific questions in person.

Given the nature of our Spray Foam it will last the lifetime of your house and will never be an issue. It is probably the best return on any investment in your home or business because of the massive energy cost savings apart from just making your home or workplace so much more comfortable.
Because of the efficiency of Spray foam insulation we have been asked to insulate all manner of buildings and boats. We will be happy to hear from you with any specific needs you have and will be happy to advise you

As most of our business comes from happy customer referrals we tend to be busy most of the time but typically you won’t have to wait more than two weeks to get your home or office cozier than ever and saving you money.

It’s a fair question and we have little doubt that on a given day somebody will give a cheaper price than us but we are certain that nobody can give better value. We use only the highest quality spray foam and card systems to insure the highest quality installation and believe in doing a high quality job for a fair price. As a family business this has been our cornerstone and has rewarded us with many happy customer referrals. You can be sure of the best value and best job working with us.

Emerald Spray Foam have a long established trading record and have numerous recommendations and references should you require to see them.


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We will be happy to hear from you with any enquiry or for advise. Contact us on this number or through the contact form on our site. Alternatively let us know a little about your proposed insulation requirement and we will be happy to provide a commitment free quotation. Thank you for visiting our website

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